Our One-Stop Shop – all services from a single source

Our extensive network enables us to offer investors projects from a single source in keeping with the philosophy of a one-stop shop. In order to satisfy success factors, synergy effects and optimized workflows, our one-stop shop covers the entire maritime value chain.

Ernst Russ AG is the central business unit for our clients.

Due to correlations between the asset and investment management and the commercial, technical as well as for example crew management and in order to provide our client with a single partner for the overall operating, our full service approach is preferable for our business partners.


Excellence in Deal Spotting

A fundamental market knowledge and long-term relations with brokers, shipyards and charterers give Ernst Russ access to proprietary deal flow for favorable assets.


Excellence in Transaction

The team of Ernst Russ with its S&P expertise ensures a lean and efficient transaction process.

Excellence in Asset-Divestment

The proven track record of Ernst Russ shows the ability to exit assets at the right moment. Ernst Russ leverages its global network and uses different exit routes to secure the best possible return to its investors.

Excellence in Operations

Our excellence in operations is one of the main reason for our excellence in value creation. In the shipping section for example Ernst Russ manages a large fleet of diversified vessels and operates with Mercator Navigation its own commercial ship management company.