Ernst Russ is a listed asset and investment management company with a focus on maritime business. The richly varied histories and backgrounds of Ernst Russ and its predecessors – HCI Capital AG, König & Cie. and Ernst Russ GmbH – have given the company expert insight into the markets, especially for shipping and property assets and alternative investments.

Investor and trustee management from a single source

PECURA Anleger- und Treuhandservice GmbH, a subsidiary of Ernst Russ AG, is your competent point of contact for all aspects of investor and trustee management.

PECURA offers its clients services tailored specifically to their needs. With its unified systems, PECURA is in a good position to ensure high-quality unit and investor management for its clients while also meeting the constantly growing requirements in the area of trustee management. PECURA’s aim is to offer its clients the optimal solution for them and support them as a partner in meeting the challenges posed by the many different issues in trustee management, such as legislation on money laundering, FATCA and CRS. Furthermore, the perfectly tuned software landscape guarantees the prompt and reliable processing of all inquiries and orders.

PECURA has more than 30 years of expertise and manages more than 200,000 investors and round 220,000 fund units. PECURA, based in Bremen, not only provides administrative services for the trust companies owned by the Ernst Russ Group, but also for trust companies belonging to third-party fund managers.

Our trust companies are experts in assuming responsibility for fiduciary functions and services. Trust companies belonging to third-party fund managers are integrated quickly and smoothly into the existing structures and processes. Equally, the trust companies of Ernst Russ AG are positioned to act as service providers for third-party trust companies, offering a balanced portfolio of services across all asset classes.We would be happy to support your company too!

Trustee and other services at a glance

  • Master data maintenance (address and tax data, authorised representative)
  • Processing accession acceptance (for subscription and capital measures)
  • Administration of trust accounts (incoming and outgoing payments)
  • Information about results reported for tax purposes at the investor level
  • Processing of unit transfers as part of partial and full succession
  • Preparation of dispatch of investor memoranda (creation of serial letters and dispatch organisation)
  • Client-oriented responses to written and text inquiries
  • Telephone investor support (inbound and outbound)

Alongside investor support, the trust companies of the Ernst Russ Group also offer comprehensive services beyond those they provide as administrative trusts.

  • Receipt and analysis of ballot papers for shareholder meetings
  • Verification of fund companies’ tax returns
  • Packing and dispatch of investor circulars and tax result notifications
  • Phone contact partner for queries regarding the asset and the market (inbound and outbound)

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