errow-Ernst-Russ Since 1985, companies within the Ernst Russ Group have already implemented more than 500 ship investments for private investors. In 2015, the company started to successively build up its own investment portfolio with currently 34 ships, from which ongoing income is generated through chartering activities and asset management.

The Ernst Russ Group will continue to focus on the expansion of a valuable and stable real asset portfolio of ships of the type classes container, bulk carrier and tanker.

Investment decisions at Ernst Russ follow clear and stringent standards in the interest of sustained value creation:

  • A long-term investment horizon serves sustainable and stable income generation from chartering
  • Investments are made under consideration of economic, social, ecological and societal criteria
  • A high degree of investment security due to the long utilisation perspective of ships as economic assets
  • Sound research, long-term analyses and risk assessments form the basis for our investment decisions
  • All activities undertaken by the ER Group serve to increase the value of the company