errow-Ernst-Russ "As an international ship-owner and maritime investment manager, we regularly expand our existing fleet and secure stable and sustainable earnings and added value for investors and shareholders."

Shipping is traditionally one of the most important modes of transport on both regional and global trade routes. This will remain the case in the future in spite of potential negative influences on global trade, as the current developments in shipping impressively demonstrate. It will therefore remain indispensable in the future as part of the global infrastructure for functioning world trade. Consequently, the choice to invest in a future-proof ship is always also a decision for a longterm and sustainable investment in an indispensable economic asset.

The Shipping segment is the mainstay of the Ernst Russ Group's business activities. The company’s origins date back in part to 1893. This was the year in which ship-owner Ernst Russ was founded. Today, we consider ourselves an investor in future-proof and sustainable ship projects with the aim of generating stable income in the long term. Our access to the capital market as a listed company gives us structured access to investment funds thus creating the base for stable business development.