errow-Ernst-Russ As of 31 December 2020, the ER Group managed a fleet of 30 container ships, tankers, multi-purpose vessels and bulk carriers as well as other vessels in which it has a significant interest. 16 of these vessels belong to the ER Group’s scope of consolidation. This investment portfolio mainly consists of container ships in the 700 to 6,600 TEU classes and a handysize bulker with a capacity of 38,000 DWT.

In addition, the ER Group provides fund and asset management services or other services for 38 other ships or shipping companies.

Investment decisions at Ernst Russ follow clear and exacting standards in the interests of sustained value creation:

  • A long-term investment horizon is conducive to sustainable and stable generation of income from charter revenue.
  • Investments are made in consideration of economic, social and environmental criteria.
  • High investment security is achieved due to the long-term prospects for use of the economic asset (ship).
  • Sound research, multiple long-term analyses and risk assessments form the basis for our investment decisions.
  • All activities serve to increase the corporate value of the Ernst Russ Group.